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19th Century Base Ball Terms

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Likely to be heard at any vintage base ball game


Ace Run
Adversary Opposing Player
Ballist Ball Player
Base Tenders Basemen
Behind Catcher
Bottled it in style Catching a hard liner/"corker"
Bully Term meaning good - "Bully for you, sir"
Captain Manager
Chafe To Argue an Umpire’s Decision
Club Nine Team
Corker A hard line drive, like a cork out of a bottle
Country club A rural club of less skilled ballists
Cranks Fans
Daisy cutter A hard hit ground ball
Dipper Tin cup for drinking water
Fetch up! Call to get a baserunner to stop at a base
Foul Tic Foul Ball
Garden Outfield
Ginger Determination
Grabbed the leather in style Fielder made a nice play on a ball
Hands Down Out
Hurler Pitcher
Huzzah! Hurrah!
Left, Mid, and Right Scout Outfielders
Leg It! Run!
Long field Deep outfield
Mascot Boy Who Tended the Equipment, Batboy
Match Game
Muff Error
On the square To tell the truth
Player Dead Out
Put some steam on A runner at full speed
Sand Fearless, having lots of nerve
Sent to the grass A ballist or runner is put out
Short Scout Short Stop
Skyball Pop Up
Striker Batter
Striker to the Line! Batter Up!
Talley Final Score or Inning Total
Three Hands Dead Side Retired
Umpire Umpire
Whitewash Shutout


Playing base ball the way that it was meant to be played