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Sports Beat by Bill McCaffrey - 5/12/06

Chesapeake and Potomac Baseball Club

The Chesapeake and Potomac Base Ball Club is having its next meeting at The Royal Mile Pub in Wheaton, VA on Saturday, May 20th at 1pm. The plan is to have a meeting first and then to head over to a nearby ball field for some hitting and fielding.  Richard D'Ambrisi, a baseball historian from the Baltimore area, to come and speak to us about vintage base ball.  Richard has ten years experience as a vintage baseball living historian and he has expressed an interest in joining the club as a historian, consultant and non-playing member.  He also recently spoke at Sports Legends at Camden Yards in Baltimore on "Baseball and the Civil War" in Baltimore.  For anyone that has been reading up on vintage base ball, please bring your books along and Richard will speak to those books.  The club encourage everyone to make the effort to come out for the meeting on the 20th as this will be a great opportunity to get some first hand knowledge from an area expert on vintage base ball. After our speaker, there will be some discussions on the club, future games, uniforms, rules and an open forum for any questions that you might have.  All interested parties are welcome to attend. To find out more about the club or the meeting, please contact Jeff Turner ( or Scott Rogers ( Go to for directions.


Playing base ball the way that it was meant to be played