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Chessie'Macs take the field against other MD clubs; sporting contests despite the rain

Match Recaps by Ben "MoonPie" Pauwels


Chesapeake and Potomac Nine ready for first match

Captain "J&T" thanks the cranks for attending the club's first match

Elkton, MD - The only thing missing at the Chesapeake Cup was Abraham Lincoln himself.  Playing 1864 rules, the Chesapeake & Potomac Nine squared off against the Elkton Eclipse in the Chessie ‘Macs inaugural game.

Mark “Zagnut” Kubofcik led off for the Chessie ‘Macs and became the club’s first base runner since the 19th century.  “Zagnut”  went to third on Luis “Telegraph” Salazar’s ground out to short scout.  Jeff “Jouster & Tender” Turner knocked in the first ace for the Chesapeake Nine when “Zagnut” scored on Turner’s groundout to short scout.  Ben “MoonPie” Pauwels recorded the first base hit in the club’s history when he followed Turner with a solid knock to left-center.  “Scott “Rhubarb” Rogers grounded out to the hurler and the first inning in club history was completed.

Elkton scored 3 runs in their half of the inning and led 7-2 after 2 innings.  Russ “Curmudgeon” Fritz plated Mike “Shazam” Stanik for the Chessie ‘Macs second run.  Earlier, “Shazam” stole third to become the first player to steal a base for the Chesapeake & Potomac Nine. 

The mighty Elkton Eclipse

"Zagnut" at the bat

Unfortunately the Chesapeake & Potomac Nine were unable to score again and eventually lost 21-2 to a finely tuned Elkton club.

C&P prevail to determine home field

In the consolation game, Chesapeake and Potomac played a gentlemanly Fair Plays of Easton club.  After quickly getting two hands dead, the Fair Plays took advantage of some miscues and some well struck balls to open up an early 9-0 lead.  Chesapeake & Potomac was only able to answer with a single ace when Luis “Telegraph” Salazar singled and stole two bases, scoring on an over throw.

Telegraph readies to steal second

Playing through a torrential rain, the Fair Plays continued to put up aces and ended up defeating Chesapeake & Potomac 21-6.

Both clubs shake hands after a gentlemanly match


The Chessie'Macs would like to extend a special thanks to the spirited cranks who came out to support us despite the hellacious weather. Thunderation to you all!

Playing base ball the way that it was meant to be played